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i3 Advisors LLC is a specialist private investment boutique exclusively focused on private market investments in small and medium enterprises that are directly involved in the agri-business value chain, or provide critical support technologies. As a firm, i3 is committed to the development and implementation of investment strategies that achieve highly competitive returns, as well as maintaining uncompromising standards towards social and environmental concerns. Our approach is founded in the belief that by maintaining the strictest rigor in assessing both investment potential and impact, many opportunities exist for which no compromises need be made.

i3 Advisors LLC believes that growing global demand for agricultural commodities, food products, and agro feedstocks, combined with current constrained supplies, processing capacities, and distribution channels, provides an environment supportive of mid to long-term attractive investment returns.

The demand for agricultural products is growing as a result of three prominent phenomena: a global population increase, rising incomes which result in changing diets, and the popularization of biofuels.

In recent years, growing world demand for agricultural crops has outpaced production, resulting in a tightening of stocks and upward pressure on prices.

At the same time, the supply-side is stressed by the decreasing availability and higher costs of natural resource inputs like arable land, fresh water, and fossil fuels.

While agricultural prices are not as high as those experienced in late 2007 and early 2008, we expect higher real prices and higher volumes in the future, and above-average investment returns.

During times of economic contraction, the demand for food historically has not declined as significantly as other products and services. We believe the circumstances of the current global recession‚ including tight credit and reduced asset values‚ have created a particularly attractive entry point for investors in the agriculture industry.

I3 Advisors LLC seeks to capitalize on these long term trends, while focusing on what we believe to be even higher growth opportunities to be found within the broader agriculture industry related to alternative production methodologies based upon integrated approaches to food and fiber production, water and energy.

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Roger Frank

Alan Kaufman

Roger Frank is one of the pioneers in using the capital markets for
 social change. Prior to joining i3 Advisors, as a Partner at Developing
 World Markets (DWM), he was instrumental in both raising & deploying over 
$500 million of debt and equity, which provided investors market-rate 
returns and provided capital to microfinance institutions in the
 developing world.


Before DWM, as an emerging markets veteran who has traveled to and 
worked in over 50 countries worldwide, he introduced many global 
investors to emerging markets and raised over $1 billion at Salomon
Smith Barney/Citigroup, Schroders, Deutsche Bank, HSBC and Lazard in primary and secondary transactions for emerging markets companies.

He was a winner of the inaugural, 2008 Fast Company Award for
 companies having a positive social impact and, as an industry expert
 in sustainable investing, has been quoted in the Wall Street Journal, 
the Financial Times, Fast Company and Chronicle of Philanthropy.
 Given the increasing interest in sustainable investing, he is a
 frequent lecturer at conferences and universities.

 After starting his own graphic design studio, founding community arts programs, teaching in prisons & schools and an extensive tour behind the iron curtain, he received an MBA in Finance and International Business from New York University Stern School of Business. While there he was also President of The Urban Business
 Assistance Corporation, a student run company that provided consulting 
and educational services to minority entrepreneurs. He holds a
 BFA, cum laude, from the University of Delaware and speaks 
conversational German and Spanish. He is a member of the Social Performance
 Task Force, his local community Board, plays in a masters soccer league and coaches youth soccer & baseball.

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David E. Resnik has made a career with technology startups which he either founded or co-founded, leading to several successful exits to both public and private companies. His passion for startups is combined with the desire to create quality job opportunities and has been key in the development of over a hundred new positions through his companies. He is also involved with conservation and the environment within his community and has been elected a Director of the French and Pickering Creeks Conservation Trust.


For the past 4 years he has been focusing in the Healthcare sector, developing business and funding for several healthcare startups. One of these startups, a Blood Management company, was recently acquired by a NYSE listed medical device company. Mr. Resnik successfully rasied funding for several startups as a Limited Partner with Zon Capital Partners, a venture capital fund. He brought in several deals leading to Series A in addition to the acquisition.

David has founded or co-founded several IT technology companies focusing on a wide spectrum of software technologies and opportunities. Through these efforts he has developed a deep understanding for valuing businesses and assessing investment opportunities.

Mr. Resnik graduated from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania and currently resides in Birchrunville, PA.

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